How to measure your wrist for a custom bangle or bracelet.

For closed bangles: We need a fitted measurement around the knuckles or widest part of your hand so your bangle can slide on. 

For our bracelets: We need a fitted wrist measurement, and will use this measurement to allow for movement around your wrist.

Measure Bangle or Bracelet Adorn Pacific Island Jewels

How to measure your necklace length? 

We make your necklace to your measurements and will confirm the length after you have placed your order.

The best way to determine your length is to measure an existing necklace by laying it flat.

Or by using a string/cord to see where you would like your necklace to it for your ideal length and then send us the measurements for the the string/cord in either inches or centimeters.


How to measure your ring size 

Most of our rings are made to measure. 

The best way to determine your ring size is by using a string or a cord fitted around the base of your finger, and then measure the length of that string in either inches or cm. Let us know that measurement and we will do the rest!

For any standardized ring sizes, US sizes are used.

How to measure your ring size Adorn Pacific Island Jewels