Fiji is a beautiful country for so many reasons but it is unfortunately full of stray and uncared for animals.

I have four pets collected from the street and they are part of my family! Luna is a big bossy cat, Toothless and Sunshine the kittens and Lily-Rose who is the sweetest pup. 

Growing up, my mum would make it a regular stop off to the Lami SPCA every trip into Suva with my sister and I - to donate newspapers, towels and blankets. Every bit counts... Let's continue to support animals!

We are committed to donating FJD1 from every online purchase to help Fiji animals.

If you would like to make a direct donation to the SPCA Fiji, please follow this link:

 10th December 2021: We were able to donate FJD1000 just in time for Christmas today!