Active Bags

The perfect ACTIVE/BEACH/ADVENTURE bag is a product I have personally needed for a long time!

Living in a small remote beachside town in Fiji I can't just jump onto Amazon or browse options in I decided to develop my own!

I'm a mum to a very active 7-year-old and run my own business, there's little spare (no) time! Our escape and place to meet friends has always been across the road at the beach! But packing has always been chaos for me! I'm the kind of mum that likes to take the bare minimum BUT you still end up with SO much stuff! We have to bring stuff with us right?!

And everyday id scramble for towels, sunscreen, water.. grab a bag.. shove everything in.. forgot the goggles.. want flippers? No room.. grab a snack on the way out... you get the idea! When we get there shoes are shoved at me... I take our dog's leash off and I throw it around my neck... I clip my keys to my shorts! Sometimes I leave my phone in the car so it doesn't get sandy. My daughter Indi collects wet sandy shells, sticks and leaves and shoves them (very valuable treasures and to be honest I do the same!) into our bag as we go...  Oh and then I get home and have to empty everything out to shake the sand out of the bottom of whatever bag I've grabbed that day! 

SO... introducing a bag which I've made EXACTLY to suit my needs and I'm a busy mum like all of you so hopefully this bag I've developed for myself is also perfect for you!

And here's the thing! It's not just a beach bag...and it's not just for mums...the tides high, suns out.. we decide to go paddleboarding or for a hike.. this is a grab and go adventure bag! This is what I've been missing in my life!

This bag can be worn three ways! Yes, it's convertible.

On one shoulder, across the chest or as a backpack!!! Yes, this was my number one need. Riding my bike to the beach.. change it to a backpack in seconds. Paddleboarding, hiking...running to keep handing me random things to hold...I need a backpack!  But I also like the option of wearing it to the side and grabbing what I need. And maybe I'm going shopping on my way home and need to add a to groceries to my bag...

I like to carry a BIG water bottle so there's a big side pocket for that. Pockets everywhere in fact.. and they are mesh pockets so that my daughter can run up next to me.. shove a sandy shell in an outside pocket and the sand just shakes out! That was actually my second most important factor while designing.. the sand just sifts out! Aghhh I can't tell you how much I love that!

There are loops to clip keys and a zipped solid fabric pocket inside for your phone, cash...that's sort of stuff. And even more pockets inside just because. Pockets for flip flops, dog leads, sunscreen, hats. I can barely remember now all the things needed if you have a baby but there are pockets for all that stuff too!

And of course, a big zip at the top to keep everything closed and secure. The straps, stitching, the fabric is all quality and heavy-duty. Throw this baby around. Enjoy your time and forget about all the stuff!

Aannndd on top of all that.. this fabric is heavy-duty cotton canvas hand painted by me with heat-set fabric dye. There is LOVE in this bag and I hope it helps you the way it has helped me!

- SIZING - 45 cm wide by 33 cm high and 12 cm deep.

- Straps are adjustable. 

- All hardware is plastic and YKK brand. Two zippers, two clips, Velcro and backpack strap adjusters.


- Can be used for beach adventures, boat trips, gym bag, yoga bag, travel

Each bag is made to order. I think this size is perfect but if you want a slightly larger or smaller size please reach out. Prefer a solid base? Just ask.

TIME FRAME - Made to order, 5-7 days 


Beach Bag Adventure Bag Gym Bag Adorn Pacific Island Jewels Made In Fiji

Adventure Bag Gym Bag Beach Bag Adorn Pacific Island Jewels Made in Fiji