Our Pearls & Shells

No, we do not import freshwater pearls from China! As a brand, we hold strong to our value of making authentically Fijian and Pacific Island jewelry. Adorn Pacific is proudly partnered with Civa Fiji pearls. Every pearl we use is a true Fiji Saltwater pearl, farmed by Civa Fiji Pearls in the pristine waters of Taveuni Island.  

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About Civa Fiji Pearls

Civa (Fiji) Pearls Ltd was founded in 2006 by two Canadian expats Claude Michel Prevost and Danielle Belanger.

Lured by the extraordinary colours already in production in Fiji, Claude and Danielle began their own pearl production in 2007 with a subsequent first harvest in 2010. Most of this production is currently exported to Europe, with a small amount retained and available from partnering resorts here in Fiji and via Adorn Pacific jewelry.

The pearl farm is situated on the windward side of the Taveuni, the 3rd largest Island of the Fiji group. Spread over 55 hectares in the pristine environment of Wailoa Lagoon, the farm enjoys a constant flow of pure water from the South Pacific to produce these incredible gems of the sea.

Recognized all over the world for their specific natural colours, Fijian pearls are the most sought after pearls in the world.




Civa Fiji Pearls believe that reinvesting in communities is crucial for mutual long term growth. We understand that a company is always part of a society.  

Our farm has strong commitments with the respective local traditional fishing rights owners to maximise the benefits of cooperative enterprise.

Through scholarship funds, village development projects and empowerment village workshops, Civa (Fiji) Pearls Ltd  gives back through these programs at least 2.5% of our revenue and very often, much much more.

Through sustainable farm operations and local partnerships Civa (Fiji) Pearls Ltd has established a Marine Protected Area for the benefit of all, and currently embarking on a long term reef rehabilitation program for future generations to enjoy.

Our Shells

Again, Adorn Pacific does not import one single shell, and we are very proud of that! Unfortunately many brands in Fiji buy shells and pre-carved mother of pearl on alibaba.com Its the easy way, its cheap and all you need to do it collect your parcel from China at the post office. This is NOT what we do! 

Every shell used by Adorn has been hand collected by my daughter and I. We love beachcombing and spend many weekends on beach adventures collecting washed up shells. We love restoring old broken shells, many are sanded and scrubbed to reveal their original colours. 

All our mother of pearl pieces are carved and cut from Civa Fiji Pearl oyster shells. The oysters are farmed and are biproduct so nothing is going to waste! I make the first sample of each carved style and then I hire local artists to cut my designs in bulk. Whenever you place an order for a style with pearls, shells or carved oyster shell we email you photos of all the pieces we have in our studio at the time, and you choose the exact ones you would like used to make your jewels.