Meet the Adorn Team

For the first 6 years of starting Adorn Pacific Island Jewels, I wore every hat in the business.  All jewelry design and production, photography, social media, invoicing, web design, graphic design, supplier meetings, cold calling, marketing events, accounting, screen printing, customer service.. the list is long! I began with everything I had! - $800. I made a few samples and started getting orders. To this day Adorn still hasn't borrowed a cent. Sometimes I look back and really don't know how I did it all. There were many late nights! Well, I do know, I did it for my daughter - there is a fire a parent has, to take care of their child and that's what drove me.

As Adorn grew I knew I needed to let go a little and allow myself some help.

Now we are a team!

  • We have an accounts team. Financials were no longer on my plate. Phew! Numbers are not my thing!
  • We have a  fulltime online Admin Team to keep the online store running 24/7 with immediate replies to customers around the world at any time. Online customer service, website back-end updates, sales, invoicing, wholesale, payments, tracking stock, pricing and daily new jewel listings was next off my plate - my team track parcels and deliveries and stay in touch with customers from beginning to end including returns and aftercare.
  • Weuse a a freelance graphic designer, graphics for branding and jewelry cut work.
  • We have help with screen printing, cleaning and organising the workshop.
  • I sometimes hire a part time casting assistant for the very busy weeks when I couldn't keep up.
  • And finally, we have a fullltime Workshop/Showroom Assistant to help with basic final chain assembly, beading, attaching clasps, knotting, packing orders for shipping and showroom customer service. 

And I can't leave out Lily, my very friendly dog, who greets every person walking through our showroom doors! Every day is bring 'your dog to work' day. She usually gets as much attention as the jewelry!

So 7 years after dreaming up Adorn, that leaves me to do only what I LOVE to do! Make jewelry!

I am in the workshop getting my hands dirty, soldering, cutting, setting, filing polishing, experimenting, engraving, designing jewelry from 8am to 5pm, 5 days a week. I film workshop videos for instagram of myself making jewelry and I still do all photography and social media.

I created and am living my dream job and I only have YOU, my customers to thank for it! I just can't wait to see how much more Adorn jewelry can grow!



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