Every jewel sold arrives to you individually gift wrapped and packaged.

Our Packaging is proudly 100% made/sourced from local Fiji suppliers.

We are ALMOST 100% reusable or biodegradable (less a strip of bubble wrap and sticky tape which we are working on!) In a country where packaging products are not always readily available and most are imported, this has been a journey.

Here's a little story...

For five years I had imported my custom designed Adorn gift boxes made in Hong Kong . Once a year I would send many many thousands of my hard earned dollars to a factory in Hong Kong.. I emailed my design through and 3 weeks later my entire years supply of perfectly made beautiful gift boxes were on their way to Fiji in a shipping container.

In 2019 I decided that even though I loved my packaging, it didn't make me feel good and so started what would be a year long journey to move all my packaging production to a locally woven version and paying my hard earned dollars to local Fijian women instead.


I contacted my local Navua Department of Women and together we visited remote villages and spoke with many women and had many samples made. Communication and consistency proved so much more difficult than I had expected. The specific idea I had in mind for my hand woven voivoi packaging was too technical. I had to modify my design many times.


In early 2020 a tragic fire broke out in the Suva Flea market where many women lost all their handicraft stock, so I visited and again spent many months sampling and talking with women. Again there were issues of quality and consistency.


Covid took over and I happened across two ladies from Nadi who were out of work and would usually be weaving for the tourism industry. I modified my sample to a design they were skilled at making, added my branded tag, bright turquoise Bula fabric and a Kula pompom as a zipper pull and now we are on a roll! 

I now have a regular supply of beautiful authentically handmade Fijian packaging and in turn two women have a regular income working for themselves and from home. if you cant already tell from my 'About Adorn' page I am all about women empowerment!!

I give this packaging away for free with every purchase. Adorn doesn't make any profit on this.



Why the Kula pompom? Well personally I LOVE Kula! Its fun and bright and love the contrast of manmade coloured wool against the natural pandanus voi voi. The word 'Kula' originates from when feathers from the Fijian Kula bird were used as a colourful trim on woven mats which was later replaced with colourful wool.

With every purchase we also include a matching oversized drawstring bag. I buy the fabric locally and also provide weekly work to a local seamstress. All my tags, cards and branding are also produced by small local print houses. 


Did I mention that all our packaging is also reusable? Store your jewels or reuse as a coin purse. The drawstring bag is a great toiletries bag!

I personally want to feel good about about the products I make and I want YOU to feel good about buying Adorn jewelry! Every purchase from Adorn supports a long list of local Fijians.

MEET TINA, our amazing seamstress! 

Local Packaging


Every jewel is gift wrapped in our gorgeous hand painted paper wrapping. No two are alike and if you can flatten it out its pretty enough to frame! 

Adorn Pacific Island Jewels Packaging


Adorn Pacific Island Jewels Packaging
Adorn Pacific Island Jewels Packaging

Each order comes with two promotional cards and a handwritten postcard with any relevant info to your jewels. If you request a personal note to be included we write this on the postcard. If your order is local we also include a small treat.


Each jewel arrives in its own GORGEOUS custom Adorn Pacific cardboard shipping box. 
Each box is protected with thick corrugated card and waterproofed and held together with Biodegradable wrap. This wrap is designed to be digested by natural bacteria in landfills so either reuse it or throw it in the bin.


We aim to avoid sending you any printed copies. All invoices and information is emailed throughout the order process.
We do use a strip of bubble wrap to protect your jewels, some sticky tape and a sticker. We are working on finding local biodegradable alternatives.